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Getting injured on the job is not only painful and stressful, but it can come with the need for legal support and representation. Filing for worker’s compensation is the right first step. Unfortunately, you might find that your claim is denied. If that’s the case, you’ll want to work with a workman’s compensation attorney who can help you get fair and just compensation for your injury.

Here’s what you need to know when trying to decide if you should hire an attorney to represent you in a workers comp case.

How is workers comp settlement calculated in Nevada?

In Nevada, you can expect to receive 0.6% of the monthly wage you were making at the time you were injured for each percentage of impairment you have. In other words, a $3,000 per month average wage and a 10% impairment would mean a monthly award of $180. You’ll receive compensation if you can’t work, and may also be eligible if you can’t return to the same kind of work you did before due to lasting damage from your injury.

When should you consult a workers comp lawyer?

Generally, you should hire a workman’s comp attorney if your employer or the insurance company is fighting your claim. They may do that in a number of ways, including saying that the injury didn’t actually happen at work, or that you were negligent and caused it yourself.

Some companies also drag out the timeframe on paying a claim, or retaliate against employees that file claims. If you were legitimately injured in the course of your job duties, and your employer or your insurance company is fighting against paying your claim in any way, an attorney can give you important legal guidance and information.

How long does workers comp take in Nevada?

Once you file the C-4 form with your insurance company they have only 30 days before they must either accept or deny that claim. If they accept your claim they’ll typically pay the benefits quickly. If your claim is denied, though, you may have to get a workman’s compensation lawyer to represent you.

What is the workers comp limit in Nevada?

In Nevada, there’s a limit to workers compensation benefits. This is $100,000 per each occurrence or injury per employee. There is also the same amount of coverage per employee for a disease, since this isn’t considered to be the same thing as an injury.

The maximum compensation allowed for disability in Nevada is 66 and 2/3 percent of your average monthly wage. That’s the most you can receive, and that’s only if you’re considered 100% disabled from the injury. You may have a temporary or permanent disability, but either way you can still receive compensation for the time you’re unable to work.

If you have questions for a workers comp attorney, or you want to see about pursuing a case, reach out to Coulter Harsh Law today. We can work with you, get the facts surrounding your situation, and discuss your options, so you can make an informed choice for the future.