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About Personal Injury

Accidents happen in an instant, but the injuries and damages can change your life forever.

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Helping victims to start your best lives. Again.

Handling clients large settlements, judgment checks, or structured settlements helps ease potential stress.

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But what is personal injury?

Areas of practice include vehicular and commercial accidents, pedestrian, bicycle and boat incidents, and slip and falls and wrongful deaths. Insurance companies are large, and have unlimited resources, powerful attorneys, and deep pockets to protect their interests. Individuals who have been hurt, may be out of work, dealing with hospital bills, pain, recovery, stress, lack of funds, missing work and more – it can be daunting if not impossible to represent yourself and get what’s fair. How do you know what to ask for? How do you know what is and isn’t legal? How do you stay on top of your case AND your recovery? And how do you know if what you’re being offered is the best settlement possible? Coulter Harsh Law specializes in these types of cases and can help you.

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Our team knows Nevada laws inside and out, has fought over 150 jury trials in Northern Nevada, has a collective 50+ years of experience working for insurance companies, and 100+ years of experience handling insurance claims. We’re all certified by the State Bar of Nevada as Personal Injury Specialists. This wealth of insurance expertise means that we know exactly what insurance companies need to resolve a claim swiftly, how to provide the right documentation, and how to establish liability. Because of this, we have a high likelihood of getting your claim resolved without filing a lawsuit or going to trial, but if we need to, we know how to win.

We’re also Northern Nevada locals, who grew up here, raised our families here, and live here. We’re volunteers, triathletes, and motorcycle riders. We graduated from Reno High School and we fish Pyramid Lake. You are our neighbors, and we understand how you are affected when you have a personal injury. We will make the process human, accessible, easy to understand, and as painless as possible – you’ve had enough pain already. We want you to recover and get back to the community, and we will fight aggressively to get you everything you are entitled to.

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