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Being Injured Can
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If You Have Been

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We Will Fight for You.

Accidents can be life-changing events and force victims to live with serious injuries. Often, the effects of accidents go far beyond damage to a vehicle or broken bones that can be treated. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the long-term psychological damage, lifestyle changes, and grief and suffering inflicted by accident injuries.

At Coulter Harsh Law, our skilled accident injury attorneys understand the trauma and pain accident victims must deal with for weeks, months and years following an accident. We are sympathetic to the hardship accident victims endure and are committed to advocating for our clients to ensure they are taken care of and compensated for the damage to their property, as well as their pain and suffering.

Accident victims and their families work with us because we are accessible, relatable, easy to work with, and keep them informed every step of the way. As accident injury attorneys, we are client advocates who fight to win large settlements, judgment checks, or structured settlements. We have deep expertise in a variety of accident practice areas including car accidents, personal injury accidents, motorcycle accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, fatality, and wrongful death cases, and more.

Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents
  • Backing Vehicle
  • Crossing Street
  • Work or Play
  • Off-Road
  • Failure to Yield
Slip and Fall
  • Negligence to Maintain Premises
  • Unaware of Potential Hazards
  • Inadequate Warnings
  • Unsafe Conditions
Commercial Vehicle Accidents
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Distraction
  • Driving Too Fast
  • Unfamiliarity with The Area
  • Drug Use
Catastrophic Injury
  • Permanent or Severe Functional Disability
  • Injury to Spine or Brain
  • Severe Head or Neck Trauma

How Can We Help You?

We’ll get you back on your feet by making your both your recovery and your case less painful.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an accident or suffered a catastrophic injury, we urge you to submit your case to us. We’ll discuss the details of your case and explain next steps, along with what to expect throughout the process. We don’t treat our clients like just another accident injury case, our accident injury lawyers are available to meet with you and answer any questions the legal proceedings, medical requirements, or anticipated compensation.

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The injuries left me paralyzed and I have a family to support.

Bill Winchester


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We Have Answers.

We understand how confusing and overwhelming it can be after you’ve experienced a life-changing accident. We’re here to answer your questions, put your mind at ease, and fight for you! Get in touch with us today.

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