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Personal injury is hard. Let us help.

When you’ve experienced a life-changing event, the last thing you need are additional challenges. At Coulter Harsh Law, we know how difficult moving forward can be.

Our team of experienced, dedicated attorneys will help take the weight off your shoulders, so you can rest more easily knowing that we will fight for your rights success. We make the process simple to understand, human and relatable, while aggressively championing your case. We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your recovery.

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Who to Call After a Personal Injury

If you have experienced a Reno personal injury you know that it can have severe and devastating effects on your physical and mental health, as well as your finances and ability to work. You may miss out on hobbies, or not be able to do things with your family like you used to. Personal injuries change people’s lives.

You deserve fair and just compensation for any injuries you have sustained through the negligence of another party. Whether you were involved in a vehicle accident, you slipped and fell at a business location, or you were attacked by the neighbor’s dog, there are many types of personal injuries you could experience.

Seeking medical attention and treatment after a Reno personal injury is extremely important, but it’s not the only thing to consider. You also want to work with a legal advocate who can protect your interests and help you move through the process of recovering financially. When you work with a Reno personal injury attorney you have a legal advocate on your side.

Having the support of an attorney can help you get proper compensation and move past your injuries, so you can get back to living life again. You don’t need to handle such a difficult time alone, and you don’t want to assume the insurance company has your best interests at heart.

Instead, you want to fully protect yourself and your rights. The best way to do that is by working with a personal injury attorney who will take your case, discuss your options, and help you understand what you can expect as you move toward a settlement with the other party’s insurance company or a judge’s decision.

Contact us at Coulter Harsh Law today, for the legal representation and support you deserve from a Reno personal injury attorney you can trust.



Do You Need a Car Accident Attorney?

Car accidents happen every day, but the results of these accidents can be minor or life-altering. You’re here because you or a loved one was involved in a car accident and you need an auto accident attorney. Here’s what you need to know before talking to an attorney:

It’s more than car repair bills. You have a lot more to deal with following a car accident than just car repair. Often, you’ll need to get  medical care for minor or major injuries, arrange transportation to work or rides for your children to get to school, work out time off with your HR team, and deal with your insurance and the other driver’s insurance. You may not even realize other ways you can be  compensated after your car accident.

A car accident attorney is looking out for you. As experienced car accident injury attorneys, we know you are going through and what you’ll face in the coming months. Hiring a knowledgeable auto accident lawyer means that someone is looking out for you, your needs, and will fight to get you the most compensation possible.

A guide to help you through the process. When you hire a car accident attorney with a proven record, you get a personal advocate who guides you through the process. Insurance, medical expenses, settlements, and repair estimates can be confusing and often misleading. By working with an attorney, you can be sure you don’t miss compensation for any expenses or time off and that you meet any deadlines.



What Do I Do After a DUI Accident?

The DUI accident laws are complex but are necessary to protect victims of a DUI accident. The steps you take following a DUI accident are often critical to determining the ultimate resolution of the case. If you have been in a DUI car accident, there is a lot to consider.:

DUI accidents are often sudden and traumatic. It can be tough to know what information you need to gather, when information needs to file, and who is responsible for what. For many DUI accident victims, the road to recovery is long and bumpy. Having a knowledgeable DUI accident attorney on your side ensures everything is handled according to the DUI laws to get you the maximum settlement.

The law varies. When it comes to DUI laws, there are a lot of variables. For example, limits for blood alcohol concentration levels ranges depending on age, type of vehicles, and other permits. While no one should drive under the influence, it’s crucial to know the details of these laws to ensure you receive the maximum settlement and negligent drivers are held accountable.

A DUI accident attorney knows what to do next. Finding out what to do next in a DUI accident case is often tough for someone who doesn’t understand the law or the process. Relying on your insurance company to guide you can be frustrating. When you work with a veteran DUI
accident injury attorney, you can ensure you will always know what comes next and what you need to do.


Injury or Paralysis

Moving On After a Catastrophic Injury or Paralysis

The crushing feeling when you find out your injury has caused permanent, life-altering damage cannot be explained or understood by anyone who has not experienced it. Moving on after that diagnosis can seem impossible, but you aren’t alone. Our catastrophic injury attorneys are compassionate, understanding, and ready to fight fiercely on your behalf.

What is considered a catastrophic injury? If you or a loved one has suffered an injury with a permanent injury, it may be considered a catastrophic injury. Catastrophic injuries are often caused by harm to the brain or spinal cord, bodily paralysis of any kind, severe burns or amputations, or even organ damage. If you aren’t sure, it’s best to consult an experienced attorney who can work with you and your healthcare team.

What does compensation for a catastrophic injury cover? The effects of a catastrophic injury or paralysis extend past the medical treatment of the person’s injury. As such, compensation sought by experienced catastrophic injury attorneys often includes loss of wages, rehabilitation, psychiatric care and counseling, and ongoing medical care. It’s crucial to have an attorney that is familiar with these types of cases so you have a personal advocate for you and your loved one and to ensure you are properly advised throughout the case.

As passionate catastrophic injury attorneys, we won’t stop fighting until those responsible are held accountable.

Pedestrian and Bicycle


Getting Help from Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Attorneys

When we think of accidents, we often only consider car drivers and motor vehicle damage. But what about pedestrians and cyclists that are involved in accidents? Who fights for them? At Coulter & Harsh, we advocate for pedestrians and cyclists who have been injured in accidents.

Below are the main reasons to seek the assistance of a pedestrian accident attorney or a bicycle accident lawyer:

Cyclists and pedestrians are more vulnerable than drivers. This may seem like an obvious statement, but in accidents, bicyclists and pedestrians are far more vulnerable than drivers and often sustain more serious injuries. Our lawyers are cyclists and understand the dangers cyclists face every day from drivers – like coal rolling, driving too closely, parking in bike lanes, etc.

Automobile insurance may cover pedestrian or cycling accidents. Many people don’t know that automobile insurance often covers injuries caused during a car accident, even if you were the pedestrian or cyclist. Working with an experienced pedestrian and cyclist accident lawyer ensures you get the benefits and compensation available to you.

You may be entitled to additional damages besides injury treatment. Working with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney or a bicycle accident lawyer is crucial to ensure you get any punitive damages paid out. An experienced lawyer will make a strong case for liability, your injuries, and the compensation you are due.

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