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The amount of compensation you can receive after a Reno, NV car accident depends on several factors. Before making a decision about pursuing compensation for your car accident injury, it’s important to understand those factors and how they might impact your case. Here’s what you need to know.

The Kind of Injuries You Have Will Matter

If you have injuries that affect your ability to work, or if you’ve experienced facial injuries resulting in permanent scarring, those can have a very big effect on you for the rest of your life. These types of injuries may result in higher levels of compensation due to the emotional and mental struggles that can come along with them. Some kinds of injuries are more than just physical concerns.

The Severity of Your Injuries is Also a Factor

When you have a car accident injury, it’s not just about the kind of injury you’ve sustained, but it’s also about the severity of it. An injury that will heal up over time and not leave lasting damage is far different than something that will never go away, or that will have an ongoing impact on your life. Lifelong problems generally require more compensation.

Nevada Has Comparative Negligence Laws

Comparative negligence laws mean that any car accident compensation could be affected by whether the person seeking compensation was partially at fault for the accident. Even if you’re determined to have some fault in the accident, though, that doesn’t mean you won’t receive compensation for your injuries. Working with a car accident attorney can help address any concerns surrounding negligence.

Having the Right Insurance is Important

Sometimes, car accident compensation is affected not by anything you did or didn’t do, but simply because the amount that’s fair to cover your medical bills and other expenses is more than the insurance amount of the negligent party.

If the other party doesn’t have any assets that can be used after the insurance amount is exhausted, there may not be other options. By carrying uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage, you may be able to use your own insurance for some of your expenses and medical care needs.

Understand the Types of Recoverable Damages

Not all damages are recoverable after a car accident, but many damages have the opportunity for compensation. Medical bills and lost wages are commonly requested when seeking damages after an accident. Out-of-pocket expenses, physical suffering and pain, and mental or emotional damages are also often part of a settlement or lawsuit. An attorney can provide you with details of what you can request, based on the details of your case.

Work With a Car Accident Lawyer Today

Ready to get the help and support you’re looking for after your Reno, NV car accident? Reach out to us today at Coulter Harsh Law and let an experienced car accident attorney guide you through the legal process. You deserve fair and just compensation for your injuries, and we’re here to help you work toward receiving it.