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Choosing a personal injury lawyer is a very serious decision. Not only do you want to work with a trusted attorney who has the education and experience you need, but you also want someone you feel comfortable with.

Here’s what you need to consider, so you can select the right legal help for your personal injury lawsuit.

Take a Good Look at Their Experience

Experience doesn’t necessarily trump everything else, but it’s typically the most important thing about a personal injury attorney. If they don’t have much experience with cases like yours, they may not be as likely to give you the support you need.

That could result in less compensation for you, and reduce your opportunities to have a successful outcome to your case.

Make Sure They Have a Record of Success

It’s not realistic for an attorney to win every case, but you want to work with one who wins most of their cases. If the attorney you’re considering has a good track record with personal injury lawsuit cases, you can have confidence for your case, as well.

There’s no guarantees no matter how good your attorney is, but you want to give yourself the best chance of recovering compensation.

Understand Payments and Fees

Generally, a personal injury lawyer will work on a contingency fee basis. That means they only get paid when they recover compensation for you.

But there may still be fees and other expenses, depending on the attorney. Make sure you understand their fee and payment model, so there aren’t any financial surprises.

Look at Their Options for Additional Resources

If you choose an attorney who has a network of other professionals to recommend and work with, you can get the support you need more easily, and reduce your stress levels.

Some attorneys have a network of medical doctors, accountants, and others who can give you advice, information, and help with your case. That can make a big difference in your peace of mind, as well as your opportunities for a good outcome.

Consider How They Treat You

Your personal injury lawyer should treat you well. They should engage with you, answer your questions, and be available when you need them, which also includes calling you back in a reasonable period of time if they can’t take your original call.

While your lawyer doesn’t need to be a friend, they do need to be your advocate. That includes listening to you and your needs, being understanding, and keeping you informed of what’s going on with your case.

Get the Legal Help You Need Today

You don’t have to deal with a personal injury case alone. There is help for you, and getting in touch with an attorney who has the experience and support network you’re looking for is the place to start.

Ready to work with a personal injury attorney you can rely on? Reach out to us at Coulter Harsh Law and let’s talk about your case.