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If you’ve been injured and are considering a lawsuit against the other party, it’s important to work with a personal injury attorney you can trust. Finding one and filing suit doesn’t have to be complicated, but it can be more difficult if you have misconceptions about personal injury lawsuits and how they’re typically handled. Here are the most common misunderstandings.

A Lawsuit Will Take a Really Long Time

Actually, a personal injury suit doesn’t have to take long to resolve. If you work with an attorney, you’ll be more likely to get your settlement faster, and for a higher amount than what you could expect on your own. A personal injury attorney will help get all the evidence together and file your claim, so you can move through the process and receive the compensation you deserve.

You Have to be Severely Injured to File

You don’t need to be severely injured to file a lawsuit for a personal injury. If you went to the hospital to be examined after your accident, and you have medical bills, that can be enough. Naturally, serious injuries can result in higher levels of compensation, but you don’t have to just pay for the negligence of someone else when you could recover compensation.

It’s Frivolous to Sue for a Personal Injury

If you were injured through the negligence of another party, those injuries can be financially compensated, and the cause of the injuries was clear, you may have the grounds for a lawsuit. For people who are legitimately injured by someone else, personal injury lawsuits aren’t frivolous. Instead, they’re important opportunities to recover financial compensation to cover bills and expenses.

Personal Injury Attorneys are “Ambulance Chasers”

The stereotype of a personal injury attorney involves chasing after ambulances and talking to injured people in hospitals, trying to get them to sue. In reality, though, most personal injury lawyers aren’t like that at all. Instead, they understand that there is a lot of pain and suffering involved for injury victims, and that there are opportunities to help them seek fair and just compensation.

Insurance Will Pay Your Claim Without Suing

While it would be nice if the insurance company would simply cover the medical bills and other expenses created by the accident, that’s typically not the case. The insurance company may deny the claim entirely, or it may offer to pay a much smaller amount than what you actually deserve. Working with a personal injury lawyer to bring suit helps get the medical bills covered.

There’s No Deadline on a Personal Injury Case

The statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits varies by state, but you have a limited time to file. Assuming it can be done at any time in the future could mean that someone who has a legitimate claim won’t be able to recover what’s fair, because they waited too long.

Work With an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

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