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For those who have just suffered a personal injury, it can be a confusing time. With all the doctors, insurers, and family giving their input, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

As Reno personal injury attorneys, we get it and we are here to answer your questions, not make anything more confusing.

In this article, we take a look at common questions we hear from clients who have suffered a personal injury. If you have questions about a personal injury lawsuit, we invite you to check out our personal injury lawsuit FAQ.

What Doctor Should I See for My Personal Injury?

If you are in pain, you should see your doctor as soon as possible for treatment. However, if you do not have a regular doctor, health insurance, or a doctor that you trust, we can refer you to a doctor that is experienced in personal injuries.

Our personal injury lawyers have a network of doctors we’ve worked within the past on claims, who understand the nature of these types of injuries and treat our clients with respect and care.

I Had a Previous Medical Issue and the Injury Made It Worse, Can I Still File a Claim?

Insurance companies often use the term “pre-existing condition” to try to avoid paying out personal injury claims. If you have a previous medical condition or injury that was made worse by your accident, you can still file a claim. It can be tougher to document the increased extent of the injury, but by working with a trusted doctor, we can help you get accurate documentation. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney ensures that your “pre-existing condition” does not preclude you from a legal claim for compensation.

What Expenses Do Personal Injury Claims Cover?

Personal injury claims vary widely as do the details on what is covered by a particular claim. We’ll need to review the details of your case with you, but there is a range of expenses that can be covered by personal injury claims. For example, all related medical bills, transportation costs, any lost wages from needed time off, caretaker expenses, childcare expenses, and damage to personal property can all be included in the claim. If you aren’t sure whether an expense is covered, be sure to keep detailed records and all receipts or invoices.

Should I talk to the Insurance Company?

Similar to a minor car accident or a homeowner’s insurance claim, part of your agreement is that you will work with your own insurance company and answer their questions. However, you are not required to speak to the negligent party’s insurance company and we advise that you don’t speak to them directly.

When you work with a Reno personal injury attorney, they will often communicate with all insurance parties involved in the claim on your behalf. At a minimum, we advise that an attorney be part of all communications, including phone calls. Simply advise your insurance company that you have retained a personal injury lawyer and provide all the correct contact information. At Coulter Harsh Law, our attorneys are experienced in working with insurance companies and providing the complete documentation they require.

Should I talk to the Attorney for the Person Who Caused My Injury?

It’s best not to speak to the attorney for the other party until you speak with your own personal injury attorney. While the other side’s attorney is looking for a quick resolution for both parties, it may not be in your best interest. All details of your case will be shared with the other attorney, but having your own personal injury lawyer review the information first ensures it is all accurate and complete.

How Are Personal Injury Claims Paid Out?

It’s common for personal injury attorneys to take on cases without any fees being paid by you. This ensures the attorney doesn’t get paid unless your claim pays out. When the personal injury lawyer takes on your case, they will advise you of the contingency fee and payment terms. Often, the settlement will be paid directly to the attorney to cover all the upfront costs and contingency fee and then you will be paid the remaining balance.

Do you have questions for our Reno personal injury lawyers? Contact us today to speak with one of our attorneys about your case.

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