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Unfortunately, it’s a fact that nearly all collisions involving semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles cause at least one death, often more than one death. The sheer size of these vehicles dwarf regular non-commercial vehicles that carry people to and from work, school, and social activities.

Due to the severity of these types of accidents, it’s crucial to consult a truck accident attorney immediately after an accident to get justice and fair compensation. Getting representation from an experienced accident attorney protects victims and family members from the commercial insurance companies that are looking to minimize payouts and resolve the case without going to court.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a truck accident, here are a few questions you should ask your truck accident attorney.

How Many Truck Accident Cases Have They Represented?

You want the best possible legal representation for your semi-truck accident case. The right truck accident attorney fights for you and your family to get you the compensation you need. A semi-truck or commercial vehicle accident can be catastrophic and result in not only loss of a loved one, but bills from car and medical insurance, prolonged time off work, rehabilitation, travel expenses and more. It’s crucial that your attorney get you the maximum compensation possible to cover all accident-related costs.

Ask the accident attorney what type of experience they have with semi-truck and commercial vehicle accidents. If they don’t have experience with many cases, they likely won’t know how to handle all the tricks commercial insurance companies use to quicken payouts and limit compensation. An experienced truck accident attorney can advise you on what to expect, documentation needed, and how to get the maximum payout for your case.

What Is Typical Compensation for Truck Accident Victims?

 You may be asking, “Are accident attorneys worth it?” or “What percentage do accident lawyers take?” These are both excellent questions.

Yes, accident attorneys are worth it. They not only help you navigate the confusing insurance and legal system after an accident, they fight to hold companies and insurance companies accountable for your suffering and loss. If you don’t consult an experienced semi-truck accident attorney, you risk losing out on the compensation you need to cover your expenses. Without an attorney, you are at the mercy of the insurance company.

As far as the percentage that the accident attorney charges, that can vary widely. In Nevada, the range is anywhere from 30 – 40% of a commercial vehicle accident settlement plus any court costs. While these percentages may seem high, they work in your favor. The attorney only receives this contingency fee if you win a settlement. If you get nothing, they lose as well. This incentivizes the attorney to get the maximize settlement for you and your family.

What Experience Do You Have with Commercial Insurance?

All commercial vehicle and semi-truck companies must, by law, carry a certain standard of insurance. As mentioned earlier, collisions involving semi-trucks are often severe and, as such, companies must carry significant insurance to cover these types of collisions. The catch is that the insurance companies are looking to limit how much they payout for commercial vehicle accidents and are looking for any way to reduce what is paid to a victim or a victim’s family.

Before you hire any commercial vehicle accident attorney, check to see what type of insurance background they have. Many attorneys have only worked on the victim’s side of collision cases. Working with an attorney who has in-depth knowledge of commercial vehicle insurance from the “inside” has a huge advantage and is able to navigate the loopholes insurance companies try to use to reduce claim payouts. Ask what type of experience the attorney has with insurance claims to be sure you are working with the most knowledgeable legal team.

Have you or a loved one been a victim of a semi-truck or commercial vehicle accident? Contact us today to get your questions answered and get on the path to recover.


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