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Being involved in a Reno car accident can be frightening and frustrating, but the aftermath isn’t something you have to deal with alone. Fortunately, there are options for the help and support you need to move past your accident and on with your future.

Working with the right attorney is an important aspect of seeking fair and just compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained. In addition to seeking out legal representation, though, you want to make sure you get proper medical care to protect your health.

Don’t Put Off Seeking Care

One of the most important things to know when you’ve been in a Reno car accident is that you shouldn’t put off seeking medical care after your accident. Even if you don’t appear to have any serious injuries, problems can show up hours, days, or even weeks later.

Rather than take that risk, get checked out and have any needed medical treatments and tests. Make sure to follow up with any additional recommendations or other medical professionals for further testing, as well. Your health is too important to risk or ignore, and you don’t want to just assume that everything is alright.

Keep All Your Records in One Place

Any medical appointments or treatments you have that are related to your car accident may become part of your case against the other party. Be sure to keep all your records together, and store them somewhere easy to access

You want to be sure you have any needed proof of injury claims made by your Reno car accident attorney. The proper paperwork and medical records can help you get information to your attorney and the other party’s insurance company more easily.

Let Your Attorney Work With the Insurance Company

Your medical care is private and protected, and you only need to disclose what’s important for the case itself. Letting your Reno car accident lawyer work with the other party’s insurance company is the right choice to protect your privacy and reduce any risk.

You don’t want to end up saying something that could be used against you, and you don’t need to disclose medical conditions that aren’t related to your accident and don’t have anything to do with your case. When your attorney handles the insurance company, you can have more peace of mind.

Working With the Right Professionals Matters

By reaching out to the right medical and legal professionals you can get good quality medical care and proper legal representation. Both of those areas are very important for anyone who’s been in a Reno car accident.

If you’ve been involved in an accident where you were injured through the negligence of another party, make sure you get all the medical treatment you need. Also reach out to us at Coulter Harsh Law, so you can receive fair and just compensation for your injuries and a successful resolution to your case. Having the right support is important.