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Winter in Reno can be an adventure. You want to keep yourself as safe as possible when driving, and also reduce any legal liability you might encounter behind the wheel. Here are a few important tips from our car accident lawyers, so you can feel more confident during winter driving.

The Importance of Road Safety During Winter in Reno

Being ready for winter is key to traveling as safely as you can. After all, you can’t control what other people do behind the wheel. But you can make sure you’re driving defensively and watching out for changing conditions. Have some bottled water, snacks, a first aid kit, and a roadside assistance kit (flares, a blanket, etc.) in your vehicle, for peace of mind.

Common Winter Road Hazards in the Area

The biggest road hazards in the area are snow, ice, and black ice, and you may also encounter slush and sleet at times. If it’s dark outside, that makes these hazards even more treacherous. If you can’t see the hazard coming up, it’s much harder to prepare for or avoid it. Driving slowly and following road condition recommendations like chains or snow tires will help you reach your destination in a safe manner. 

Snow and Ice: How They Affect Driving Conditions

Snow and ice make roads slick, and can cause you to lose traction. That can mean spinning your tires in one place while trying to move, or even sliding off the roadway from hitting a patch of ice unexpectedly. To protect yourself and other drivers, stay home if you can, and drive slowly if you have to go out. Give yourself plenty of extra time, and choose well-traveled routes that have been cleared, salted, or sanded when possible.

Reduced Visibility: Fog, Snowfall, and Darkness

It’s not just the actual road surface that can put you at risk of needing the help of a car accident lawyer during a Reno winter. It’s also the overall weather conditions themselves. When it’s foggy, dark, or snowing heavily, or any combination of those things, your visibility isn’t going to be as good as it would be on a dry, sunny day. By driving more slowly and keeping your focus and attention on the road at all times, you can reduce your risks.

Temperature Fluctuations: Black Ice and Thawing

Changing temperatures contribute to accidents in Reno every winter because it can warm up enough during the day to thaw ice and melt snow. Then, as soon as the temperature starts to drop again, these areas can re-freeze and turn a street into something closer to a skating rink. With black ice, you may not see the danger easily. It can just look like the road is wet. Paying attention to the temperature can help you avoid black ice.

Work With a Car Accident Attorney Today

Have you been involved in a Reno car accident due to another party’s negligence? Contact us today at Coulter Harsh Law and let us help you get the support and legal guidance you deserve. Winter weather and other road hazards can cause accidents, and the right legal advocate can get you through the process of receiving compensation more easily.