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If you’re like many people, social media has become an integral part of your life. However, posting the wrong thing online can present legal challenges that impact your personal injury lawsuit. If you have a pending case, use extreme caution when it comes to social media updates. By mentioning specifics about your case or revealing your capabilities, you can negatively impact the compensation you receive for your losses.

At Coulter Harsh Law, our team can help you understand the impact of social media on personal injury cases. In this blog, you’ll learn how to avoid complications involving your social media accounts.

Social Media Posts Can Become Evidence

The lawyers for the defendant go out of their way to discredit you in a personal injury lawsuit. Every part of your life will undergo scrutiny, including what you post on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. In fact, during a personal injury trial, social media often becomes evidence that speaks to the capabilities of the plaintiff. It’s important to protect your privacy by limiting access to your accounts and to meticulously sort through everything you posted since your accident. Additionally, it’s a good idea to avoid any mention of your injuries that can be used against you.

Social Media Posts About Your Accident

The events leading to your injuries are likely connected to a major life event. However, if you post anything that’s inconsistent with what you told the insurance company or their lawyers, it can be used against you. This can make your case more difficult to win. So, it’s best to avoid posting any details about your accident.

Beware of New “Friends”

It’s a bad idea to accept friend requests from unknown requesters before and during your court case or settlement. Believe it or not, insurance companies sometimes create fake social media profiles to gain access to your post.

Privacy Settings and Public Posts

Check your privacy settings to limit who has access to your post. Additionally, avoid public posts that can impact the outcome of your personal injury trial. Our personal injury attorneys can help you with this crucial step as well as understanding the impact of posting compromising information.

Never Mention Your Physical Condition

Avoid posting photos that show you working out or using injured body parts. That includes comments and posts from friends and family members mentioning hiking, biking, and other physical activities. Anything that contradicts your claims may impact the amount of money you get for your injuries.

Why Are Social Media Posts Admissible?

In Reno, personal injury lawsuits are subject to the Nevada Rules of Evidence. Social media posts can be classified as hearsay, which is not admissible. However, they may be deemed admissible as evidence. To avoid this risk, limit what you post on your online accounts.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Coulter Harsh Law has helped many clients receive their just compensation. Contact our personal injury lawyer today for further advice on how social media can affect your case or to schedule a consultation.