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Riding motorcycles is more dangerous than driving cars. Not only do motorcycles not have the protective cage of the car cabin, they are also less visible to other motorists on the road and more impacted by road conditions. For many motorcycle riders, even highly seasoned and trained riders, it’s not a factor of “if” they will be in an accident, but “when” and “how severe.” 

At Coulter Harsh, both of our motorcycle accident attorneys are seasoned riders. We understand the risk involved in riding motorcycles, but we also understand the passion and the feeling of not just getting from point a to point b – but enjoying the ride along the way. As riders, we are also fierce motorcycle accident injury lawyers who want to educate riders and their families and friends about what to do when the worst-case scenario happens: a loved one is in a motorcycle accident. 

Common questions we hear from riders involved in motorcycle accidents are: 

    • Is it worth hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer? Yes, in most cases it’s beneficial to speak with a motorcycle accident injury lawyer. When you speak to the lawyer, they will examine the facts and advise you on whether you have a case. 
    • Who is at fault in most motorcycle accidents? It depends and it’s tough to say it’s mostly automobile drivers or motorcycle drivers. There are certainly motorcyclists that take risks and drive too fast, however, in many cases, car drivers simply don’t see motorcyclists because they aren’t looking for them. 
  • Can I sue someone personally after a motorcycle accident? It is possible to file a lawsuit against an individual after a motorcycle accident, but this is very rare. Most motorcycle accident cases involve insurance and are handled as personal injury claims. Before you decide to sue an individual, it’s best to get the expert advice of a motorcycle attorney. 
  • What does a motorcycle accident lawyer do? A motorcycle accident lawyer works on your behalf to get the best results. They will examine the facts of the case, collect all the data needed to submit to insurance, file any claims, and handle any court proceedings. 

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s crucial to seek medical care immediately and to speak to an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer. The motorcycle lawyer will counsel you on next steps, the information needed, medical documentation, and legal documents as well. 

Working with a motorcycle accident attorney who also understands what it’s like to ride a motorcycle everyday, is on your side as you make your way through the maze of medical, vehicle repair, and legal process to get you back on your bike. 

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