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If you are reading this post, you likely have a variety of questions regarding a recent car accident that either you or a loved one has been involved in. The time following a car accident injury is extremely stressful and emotional. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the ads and billboards you see and advice you are getting.

As experienced car accident attorneys in Reno, we understand. In this article, we walk you through the essential information you and your loved ones need to navigate the coming months.

You’ll learn:

  • When to contact a car accident attorney
  • Questions to ask an attorney
  • Tips to choose the best attorney for your case
  • What you can expect with working with an attorney

Let’s get started.

When to Contact a Car Accident Attorney

We are often asked, “When should I contact a car accident attorney?” The answer is always the earlier, the better. The hours and days following a car accident are a critical time. Even if you or your loved one don’t immediately display any injuries, these can manifest in the days following an accident as shock wears off and injuries worsen. It’s important to have any injuries documented by a knowledgeable physician who is familiar with car accident injuries and knows the right questions to ask.

Having a car accident attorney on your side early on ensures you see the proper medical advisors, document any injury or damage, and increase the likelihood you’ll get the settlement that you deserve. An insurance company, regardless of whether it’s your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company, is incentivized to close out your car accident claim as quickly as possible for the least amount of money possible. This doesn’t work in your favor, even if you are anxious to get on with your life and get back to work.

Having an experienced car accident injury attorney, specifically one familiar with medical providers in Reno and Nevada’s legal rulings, ensures you have an advocate fighting for your best interest and that you get the maximum settlement you are entitled to based on your case. This can include things like lost wages, repair costs for your vehicle, any damage to personal items during the accident, transportation while the car is being repaired, child care costs, and the list goes on. Many drivers aren’t aware of the additional benefits available to them following an auto accident and an attorney can share that information.

Questions to Ask a Car Accident Attorney

Following an accident, you likely have a long list of questions. Before you speak to an attorney, it’s helpful to write down your questions so you can get them all answered. If you aren’t sure what to ask an attorney, we have a short list of questions that our past clients have asked:

  • Do you specialize in car accident cases?
  • How many car accident cases in Reno have you handled?
  • What is the average settlement you are able to secure for your auto accident clients?
  • Do you have experience with distracted driving or DUI cases?
  • What is the average time before you are able to reach a settlement?
  • What is the compensation structure for your attorney’s fees?
  • How much money do I need to pay to retain your services?
  • Who should I talk to about my case? Who should I refer to speak to you?
  • What are the next steps for my car accident case?

This is not a comprehensive list of questions, but it’s a good start to help you learn more about an attorney’s background, experience, and fee payment. Knowing all of this information up front ensures that you don’t get stuck with additional bills on top of your car accident injury bills.

Tips to Choose the Best Car Accident Attorney for Your Case

There are many great accident attorneys out there, but the facts of your car accident are unique and it’s essential you find an attorney who is the right fit for you and who makes you feel comfortable. Here are several tips to choose a car accident injury lawyer in Reno who is the best fit for you.

Makes you feel comfortable. A car accident injury case is stressful and you need an advocate not only fighting for you, but one who also makes you feel comfortable and informed. In many cases, this is a so-called “gut feeling,” but the right attorney is patient, available, and answers all your questions. They will never make you feel like they are rushing you off the phone or have better places to be or that you should know the answer to any of your questions.

Has experience with car accident cases. While attorneys are able to practice law in a variety of specialties, good attorneys focus on only a few specialties and become excellent in those specialties. For this reason, it’s ideal that you choose a lawyer who has experience handling car accident injury cases. You don’t want an attorney who is “learning the ropes” of car accident cases on your case.

Works on a commission basis. Asking for a small retainer upfront is a typical request for many attorneys, but in personal or car accident injury cases seasoned attorneys take payment as a commission on whatever the final settlement is for you. This ensures that you do not have high attorney bills once a case closes and incentivizes the attorney to get you the largest settlement possible.

Has testimonials or references. If you aren’t sure about an attorney’s experience or what to know what it’s like to work with them, ask for client testimonials or about prior case settlements. In many cases, they can’t give you any contact information or specifics about the individuals but can give you certain details on the settlement amount and timelines.

It’s ok to speak with a few attorneys before you decide who to go with, but ensure you are asking them all the same questions and aren’t persuaded by factors that won’t influence your case (like a fancy office, or nice receptionist, or the location of their office). Use the above tips to evaluate any attorneys you speak to about your case.

What to Expect When Working with a Car Accident Attorney

For many of us, even the word “lawyer” makes us nervous. It shouldn’t be that way. At our car accident injury firm, we believe we are advocates for our clients. We see ourselves as a client’s partner and confidant throughout the entire case.

When working with a car accident injury attorney who is the right fit for you, you can expect to be “kept in the loop” and informed of what is happening with your case and any items that you need to sign or document. You can also expect to get a clear understanding of the entire process, the timeline, and the other professionals involved. Lastly, you can expect to get the best settlement possible for your case.

Questions about your car accident injury case? Contact our experienced Reno car accident lawyers today.


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