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Your worst fear has come true. You have lost a loved one or significant other in a tragedy. There is nothing you can do to bring that person back, but there is an action you can take to hold those at fault accountable.

In this article, our wrongful death attorneys share their perspectives on what you need to know about your case.

Defining Wrongful Death

As the survivor, you likely have questions about what is considered a wrongful death and if you have a case. Wrongful death is often defined as the death of a human being due to the act, whether intentional or not, of another person. The wrongful acts umbrella is quite broad and covers deaths caused by negligence (in medical care or due to failed safety precautions), assault or battery, vehicular manslaughter, etc. What these all have in common is that they are caused by a party who is not the victim. A wrongful death case may be filed by a surviving spouse, a surviving parent or child, other surviving family members, or the administrator of the deceased’s estate.

Malpractice may be involved in a wrongful death case, but as noted above, wrongful death cases cover a variety of situations and extend beyond negligence from healthcare providers that end in death.

What Is Covered Under a Wrongful Death Case

There is no price we can put on the value of human life, or what your loved one meant to you. However, when it comes to wrongful death lawsuits, a wrongful death attorney will advise you on what is and is not covered (what can be included in your lawsuit).

While the details of your case are unique, a wrongful death lawsuit will often include:

  • Funeral and any associated burial costs
  • Estate and end-of-life costs
  • Expected income losses from the deceased person
  • Any loss of inheritance due to the person’s death
  • The pain and suffering endured by the deceased due to their injuries (leading up to their death)
  • All medical expenses for the injuries incurred prior to the deceased’s passing
  • Pain and suffering of the survivors caused by the death of the loved one (no longer having their care, love, companionship, etc.)

There may be additional items you can claim in your lawsuit and your attorney will advise you of these.

How to Ensure the Best Outcome in Your Case

Working with an experienced wrongful death attorney is the first step you should take to ensure the best outcome in your lawsuit. Before you talk to an insurance company or the responsible party’s legal team, get into contact with a wrongful death attorney. Not only will they ensure that all the necessary steps are taken, but they will also be by your side to help you navigate this process.

In Nevada, there is a statute of limitations on wrongful death cases, so it’s important to act quickly. The time limit for filing your lawsuit is two years, so the sooner you engage a legal team on your case, the better.

Have you recently lost a loved one at the hands of another? Contact our compassionate, knowledgeable wrongful death attorneys today.

We will aggressively fight for your case and the hold those responsible accountable.

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