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Recently, named Coulter Harsh Law among the top personal injury attorneys in Reno. The site does the research for you, so you can locate quality professionals to help with various professional and personal needs. We are honoured to be valued by individuals in the Reno area and to have our expertise and dedication recognized.

With strong reviews and satisfied clients all throughout Reno and the surrounding area, we continue to offer support, guidance, and strong representation that can help individuals and families work through difficult times and reach successful outcomes for their cases.

Anyone who’s been injured at the hands of a negligent party may want to seek compensation for injuries, loss of wages, pain and suffering, anxiety, and other difficulties. This often includes significant and potentially ongoing expenses for hospital bills and other types of care that can come from an accident.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the personal injury area and Chris Coulter, our managing partner, is certified by the State Bar of Nevada as a personal injury specialist. We understand the serious and often life-altering nature of personal injury cases, and are fully committed to helping residents of the Reno area get the legal representation they need and deserve.

At Coulter Harsh Law we work with victims of car and motorcycle accidents, boat accidents, bicycle accidents, unsafe premises issues, DUI accidents, defective products, and more. People who have been injured in an accident through the wrongdoing or negligence of another party deserve fair and just compensation for the injuries they’ve sustained.

We also work with individuals and families who have lost loved ones to the negligence of other parties, and to motor vehicles accidents and other circumstances. There are many reasons to seek out a personal injury attorney, and we want you to have peace of mind when you reach out to us for help with your specific situation.

When you need trusted Reno attorneys, you need Coulter Harsh Law.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you with your personal injury case.