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After an auto accident, you want to be sure you’re careful about who you talk to. That includes the other party and their insurance company. Even a simple comment about fault or related issues could cause a problem in the future. Instead of talking things out with the other driver, seek out the services of a Reno auto accident attorney and let them handle the case.

Make Sure Everyone is Safe

Seeking medical attention for yourself and any injured parties to an auto accident is the first thing you should do after a crash. Check on your passengers, and check on the other party to the accident. If medical attention is needed, time may be of the essence.

No matter what caused the accident, focus on treatment and avoid saying anything about the fault. Don’t accuse the other driver or start an argument, but don’t admit to any fault on your part, either. You don’t need to provide anything other than your insurance and identification information, even if the other driver or their insurance company is asking for things like medical waivers.

After Medical Care Comes Compensation Concerns

Once medical care has been handled, your thoughts may turn to compensation for your injuries, or the injuries of your passengers. Working with a Reno auto accident lawyer can help you get fair and just compensation. You don’t have to handle your case alone and, in fact, you shouldn’t try to do that.

Many insurance companies are quick to offer settlements, but don’t sign anything until you talk with a Reno auto accident attorney. The other party to the accident and their insurance company want to settle your case for as little as possible. They also want to settle quickly, and ensure that you can’t continue to pursue the case at a later date.

All Interactions Should Go Through Your Attorney

Rather than sign anything or interact with the other party in any way, let your attorney handle everything. That reduces the chances of a misstep that could cause problems for settling your case. No matter what the other party has to say, your focus should be on receiving fair compensation and treating any medical issues the accident caused you or your passengers.

Your care and your health are extremely important. You don’t want to avoid medical care that’s needed, or risk not being able to get enough care in the future. Instead, you want to make sure the other party’s insurance company provides you with enough compensation to handle any ongoing medical needs as a result of the accident.

Get in touch with us today at Coulter Harsh Law, and let us address your vehicle accident, Reno slip accident, or other personal injury claim. We understand that an auto accident can be a frightening and traumatic time. You shouldn’t have to deal with it alone, and you deserve fair and just compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained. We can help make it right and settle your case.